what do I pack in?

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This question arose a few weeks ago. I checked out what was available at home and nothing seemed to fit the bill. This was a conundrum. It is a month-long trip and I am partial to traveling light. However, this is also a working vacation… meaning I will have to lug equipment on my journey. Now I had to figure out how to accomplish all this.

Equipment was scaled back to what was absolutely essential. My travel wardrobe had to be boosted a bit since this was going to be for a month. Yet, it still followed the absolutely essential rule. I created piles of both… looked at them.

Nope. Nothing I had would adequately accommodate all I needed to take with a fair sense of portability.   So, about 3 weeks ago I started looking for luggage that may facilitate my goal.

1. It had to be carry-on size
2. It had to be under $50.

The picture above is what I found and considered ordering. Pretty nifty, eh? Plus, it was just $30! Feast your eyes!

Check out all the possible configurations this bag offers. Still, my miserly self held back for a couple of days before committing to the purchase.

When it arrived I was thrilled. I showed it off to everyone who came by. I’m sure some of them were thinking behind their kind smiles that I was sounding like a 6 year old showing off my new train set.

Then it was time to pack.

Nope. I will have to be two bags… even though I scaled down both personal items and equipment.

Ah well… so be it.

I’m not thrilled by having to lug along an extra bag… but ya know, there are worse problems to have.



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