FIRST LEG – Day 1, Part 3

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4/23/2017 4:03 PM

A majority of the older folk disembarked here.  (Another half load also did so in Truckee.)

I was trying to upload my blog… but no wifi is to be had at this station. I was lucky to find a wifi signal in Sacramento… off the Capitol Corridor train that was parked across the track. I’ll try again in Denver but at this rate I’m not holding much hope for that.

So in all likelihood I’ll only be able to update my blog once I get to Chicago on Tuesday. In the meantime, I’ll continue to blog here on my computer.

The conductor announced that it was a “stretch and fresh air break” – code for if you are a smoker this is your opportunity to fix that jones.

The dining car also announced that they will be taking reservations for dinner. Looks like Larry and I are dining together tonight. I’ll try to post the menu later.

Now to check out how the lay of the land changes again.

4/23/2017 5:10 PM

It’s really quite beautiful… and other worldly. I spent a good half hour in the viewing car just taking it in.

Also got chatting with a couple of guys there. One of them (going to Grand Junction) who seemed to be in his mid-30s said that he does this ride once a year.

The other, a young man of Syriann origin said he was getting off in Salt Lake City for a couple of days… then continuing on to Chicago after that. He too said this was a trip he has always wanted to do. When I asked why… he looked out the window and said, “Look at this beauty… you can’t see that from a plane.”

Also of note… since Reno, the average age range has dropped significantly… we are now probably hovering around the mid-50s.

8:34 PM – Winnemucca, NV.

Our dinner reservation was called just as we pulled into Winnemucca. I have to admit that a par of me wanted to just chuck it and go out on the platform.

I don’t usually have dinner so I could have… but didn’t. Simply because I have never had a proper dinner on the train before. Got to experience it at least once, eh? Not exactly the  Orient Express bit still nice.

While Larry and I looked at the menu we were informed that another couple would be joining us. Larry was not exactly thrilled by this. However this very nice Canadian couple joined us.

Oh, and three of us at the table ordered the seared shrimp. It was OK and over priced… but for this experience good. The jury is still out if I will repeat the dinner experience tomorrow.

Once introductions were accomplished (Carolyne & Eric) and a short “feeling out” period passed… we all got along and the conversation waas really quite pleasant. Even Larry had a good time.

Soon the light was fading outside and we all headed to our spaces. The night has come. No scenery to marvel at. I may watch some videos or not… I haven’t decided yet.

What I am sure of though is this ends part one of the first leg.



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