THE FIRST LEG – Day 2 Part 1

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4/24/2017 5:10 AM

When I opened my eyes this morning the faint streaks of dawn were barely visible as the train slowly wormed it’s way through the Rockies. It would still be an hour and a half before coffee was available. The only thing to do was to look outside the window as the dawn grew brighter.

But let’s backtrack a bit….

Our car was emptier by at least 50 passengers who  disembarked in Salt Lake City at around 3 AM. It was the train stopping that actually woke me. So, I decided to step out onto the platform to take in the fresh air in. This was also where where  the crew was swapped out for a fresher one.

The only others outside were the hardcore smokers. This included the Syrian who decided to extend his ride on the train at least to Denver. As he told me, “The only thing to see here is the temple… Denver has more to offer. I called and they changed it for me… all I had to pay was another $80.”

After minding the gap while getting back on the train… it headed back into the dark of night toward Provo, Utah.

Once the Cafe car was opened for business… I was the first to get a coffee. If there was wifi “Coffee is on” would have been posted on FB. I sat in the viewing car marveling at how the topography began to change from the majesty of the mountains the  train snaked through to the buttes and mesas just outside of Helper Utah.

I was also chatting with an older lady who was also going to Chicago. That’s the thing about these long rides… after a while everyone drops their guard and conversing becomes much easier.

Everyone I’ve spoken to loves their train ride. There are really no complainers… at least amongst those I’ve spoken to. Sure, for some getting a full night’s sleep was a bit of a challenge… but achievable… with adjustments. The common thread is that we are all blown away by the scenery… how can we not be.



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