THE FIRST LEG – Day 2 Part 3

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4/24/2017  5:18 PM

The train climbs and weaves in and out of tunnels. Some of the most dramatic vistas present themselves. The train riding high… and on the edge down below gorges that look like something out of some action thriller movie.


Then, out of one tunnel and you see this high plain spread out below.

Scanning the horizon and through a distance mist you see an outcrop of blocks.

Those must be the buildings of Denver. Yet there still must be another hour to go before we arrive.

7:10 PM

Union Station and the surrounding area is impressive. It always impresses me when the original buildings in the area have been revitalized and repurposed. Keeps the character with a contemporary spruce up and function.

Our stop here was a good 40 minutes. Larry and I walked around checking the area. I even got a sandwich for my evening meal.

The coffee smelled delicious but I wasn’t going to be risk it and not get sleep tonight. There is still 17 odd hours of travel left before we hit Chicago. As the train pulled out I actually got a bit of a thrill because I caught sight of the Heifer Mart enclosures.


Then it was back into the night… to all points forward.



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