Da Count – the foot forward into fear

October 17, 2014 bits and piecesDa Count  One comment

foot_forward1“How long have you been at this, Lecram?”

“Long enough to know better” is my standard reply.

It happens every time I embark on a creative project… every damn time. Especially if I’m creating from a personal place.

One could argue that everything I create comes from a personal place. That accumulated perception, knowledge, experience and the self (to this point and time) is funnelled through the sieve of craft to it’s eventual display for an audience.

It is the “unknown country.” But unlike the ruminations of the Prince of Denmark… one does return to face it… in a very public way. How is that for scary?

The source material (especially so in this case) is subjective… but the craft has to be executed objectively in order for effective execution. At least, one hopes for that result...

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a random post… just cuz

October 15, 2014 bits and piecesobservationsperceptions  No comments

spiral_clock2Aye, it has been a while. October is here… though about a month ago I saw Christmas decorations go up at a store. All I could do was to shake my head and smile sadly.

Since this a random post here is a random thought… one of many that flit through my rabid mind from time to time.


We’ve all had it. You think and dream and want something so much (in secret) that when you finally get/achieve it you are… less than thrilled. It’s a “WOW… wow” moment. An anti-climax at best. The fevered build up to getting it… all that fantasizing about how your life will be so much better… just fizzles into a sad soft plop.

So, you either sadly set it aside and move on… or you wear your game face and extol all the benefits of having it to any and everyone you come across...

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So, fall is here… again

September 24, 2014 bits and pieces  2 comments


I was made aware of this with a certain briskness in the air on my morning walk. Nice. Though this also means my early morning routine also takes place with lesser light. I don’t mind that though.

Fall and Spring are my two favorite seasons in this town. Compared to other parts it is much more subtle… the change in seasons, that is. Still, it puts more of a sprite to my steps. Cool mornings, warm days and very pleasant evenings.

I’m also aware that the days of wearing shorts are fast becoming impractical. The sarong? I can use that all year round. (BTW… I’ve been sarong clad for most of Summer if you must know.)

As much as I welcome the season I’m in the midst of needing to resolve something inside.

You see over the last couple of months I’ve been at a loss of purpose...

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Da Count – The Other Talk

September 5, 2014 bits and piecesDa Count  2 comments


Every parent has gone through “the talk” with their kids. For some it can be excruciating and for others a breeze. Then there are others who avoid the talk completely. (Yeah, like your kids are never gonna have sex?)

Well, I have news for you parents… there is also “the other talk”.

(cue: stab theme from “dragnet”) 

It usually begins with a cringe worthy set of words strung together such as, “If anything should happen to me…” We all know that is a soft pedal because this is not a case of “if” but “when”. (Yeah, like you’re not going to die?)

With the recent passing of Joan Rivers there is a video running around the internet about her having “the other talk” with her daughter.

I think this is a good thing...

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Da Count – I have become unhip

August 29, 2014 bits and piecesDa Count  3 comments

uncoolTruth be told this happened quite a while back… and I was quite happy when it did. Relieved actually.

So, what am I talking about here?

Two words: peer fear.

Yeah, we all succumbed to it especially in our teen years. Remember when you were a closet ABBA fan? Or when you participated in a group scoff whenever someone let it slip that they liked that CARPENTERS song? But secretly you melted every time you heard Karen Carpenter’s voice.

Your life was ruled by the “must read” books or the “must-see” films. (Notice it was film… not movie. Right there… that’s what I’m talking about.)

Gravitas ruled… or at least the perception of it. If something did not have that gravitas it was just a trifle… an empty bauble to be tossed into the dirt along with the entire BARRY MANILOW catalog...

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I feel like I’m 9 again

August 27, 2014 bits and piecesperceptions  No comments

13bThis is not necessarily a good thing. When I was 9 it was 1968. The assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy occurred. Unrest was percolating in the air with no end in sight.

Half a world away, in Malaysia where I was a mere schoolboy… I too felt this rising tension. It finally broke into race riots the following year soon after elections. It was a very dark period all around.

The phrase, “Has the world gone mad?” kept cropping up in conversations. Little did we realize that it would get worse before it got better.

Sad to say but that is what it feels like now. With the levels of polarization edging further up… how can it not? Reasonable disagreements are almost non-existent… replaced by fanatical absolutism.

I was watching a documentary a few nights ago that suggested th...

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there has been a lot going on…

August 18, 2014 bits and pieces  No comments

geekglass… though you couldn’t tell from me.

On my end I’ve been “Geeky Man” as I took on the annual “housekeeping” of my main editing computer. I won’t get into the gory details… but it has taken longer than anticipated. But now it is done and I can once again move forward on several projects that were put on hold because of said housekeeping.

It also seems like the world surrounding mine has exploded. Deaths, riots, killing… and everything in-between. I really have no commentary, opinions or insight (profound or otherwise) to offer on any of these. All I can hope for is this particular cycle diminish just so everyone is afforded some breathing room.

So… yeah… this is just a short post to say that I’m still alive and here.

Here’s to breathing room. Cheers1

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