because it’s May…

May 25, 2015 bits and pieces  No comments


… and I didn’t want this month to feel left out of me posting here on the blog. Yeah, I know it is bad form… my lack of postings. Still I’m doing it now and that’s what counts, eh?

If you must know, I’ve been up to my eyeballs with video work. This is a good thing. Brings in an income allowing me to buy food and stuff my face so that I don’t wither away into a mist. Plus, like any other skill… the more you do it the better you get at it. That’s a good thing too. Though, I am 4 editing projects behind and yet to be compensated for at least 3 jobs. That… that is not such a good thing. Still, forward is the desirable motion.

And what else has transpired since I last posted? Lots. Mostly the day to day. There was a storm cell that drenched the town a couple of weeks back...

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Da Count – they call him RP

April 17, 2015 Da Count  16 comments


To call him one of my best friends will not suffice. A brother from different parents, one of my mother’s other sons, a partner in crime… all of these may verge closer but still not encompass everything that was Robert Alan Paul… RP… a nickname I bestowed upon him… that stuck.

rpn1-550x375We met in college – thrown together by Sandy Shafer, a music professor when I was in need of a musical director for my show “Frogway”. Once that project was done I said to him, “We’ll work again…” and we did… collaborating on the creation of several original shows together.

At times, when we got together, and a little into our cups...

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Funerals Galore

March 30, 2015 bits and pieces  No comments


Two biggies in one week. Both lasting just as long and just as ostentatious. So, if you are into big lavish pomp of the dead… this was the week for it.

I’ll admit I’ve been following the story of Richard III since his body was found in a council car-park for the last three years. The story is fascinating both from the historical and scientific fronts. Since I had followed it all that way I figured watching the funeral… or should I say the re-internment was imminent.

Likewise, the Lee Kuan Yew story piqued my historical and political interest. Coming from that part of the world, the history of Singapore and Malaysia have intertwining threads. So, naturally I watched that one with interest… inevitably tied to my past.

Both were leaders whose actions in life were both admired and reviled...

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first post of 2015

March 25, 2015 bits and pieces  No comments

Yeah, I know. Heck it is March 25th. So, what has been happening to me? I became King… that’s what.


Here is proof. Like my court? Yeah, it is a frenzy of pith helmets and sarongs… a dream come true. So, yeah… I was asked to be King of this year’s Mardi Gras… and I obliged. It was fun… yes, it was.

But I digress… because earlier in the year I took a trip to San Francisco to meet up with some cousins I haven’t seen in over 25 years. Below is part of a post (in block quotes on the left) I fully intended to post… but didn’t. Here is pictorial proof that I did indeed meet with my cousins… and had a good time.


I’m blogging from my favorite coffee cart in SF… cable car coffee situated at the Powell St. station...

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so, it is christmas morn

December 25, 2014 bits and pieces  One comment


I’ve been up since 3 AM. Yeah. Well, my sleep cycle is usually jacked up when I’m working on a project.

Figured I’d post something here today just so I get in at least one post for this month. That usually happens when I’m working on a project.

Have I told you I’m working on a project yet?

What is it? Don’t ask. I will say though that it is kicking my ass. Enough said about that… except that once it is completed enough for me to announce what it is.

Headed out for a walk at 7 AM. The streets were empty. It is one of my favorite times of the year for the morning walk… because the streets are empty. Took the pic above on my walk.

My Christmas decoration? (not that you asked) Here it is… meet Hamlet the Christmas Pig. This was taken at 3 this morning when I got up to get coffee started...

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Da Count – a memory to mine

November 27, 2014 Da Count  One comment


Da Count is a day early… not that I’ve been consistent with that or any such thing… but here it is anyway. Figured it is apropos since it is Thanksgiving and all. Here’s wishing you a good one with your loved ones today.

So, what is this count all about then? Well, I am presently in the throes of creating a new theatre piece… that’s what. In so doing I rely on my memory to inform me and provide substance and content.

Memory is a tool writers rely heavily upon. Some might be snippets from other works. Some on knowledge acquired. Some on experiences – personal or remembered and related by others. They all go into the stew pot of creativity where bits and pieces are fished out to form the story.

Often times it is like deducing the recipe of a dish...

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the fading generation

November 3, 2014 bits and pieces  2 comments


“Acker” Bilk MBE 28 January 1929 – 2 November 2014

Many homes of my parents generation had a copy of the “Stranger On The Shore” EP in their record collection. Like many in my generation our first forays into music was scouring our parent’s stash of records. For me it was an eclectic bag… everything from from Viennese waltzes to light jazz to skiffle to 60’s Malay pop to the “easy listening” sounds of Mantovanni.

In the process of growing up and developing my own somewhat harder and more contemporary edge to musical taste, what I sat in wonder listening to at a much younger age faded away. Though some stayed. “Stranger On The Shore” was one of those.

Though I would never cop to it to my friends in my teen years… I actually saw Mr. Bilk in concert… and met him briefly after.

Mum had bough...

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