there has been a lot going on…

August 18, 2014 bits and pieces  No comments

geekglass… though you couldn’t tell from me.

On my end I’ve been “Geeky Man” as I took on the annual “housekeeping” of my main editing computer. I won’t get into the gory details… but it has taken longer than anticipated. But now it is done and I can once again move forward on several projects that were put on hold because of said housekeeping.

It also seems like the world surrounding mine has exploded. Deaths, riots, killing… and everything in-between. I really have no commentary, opinions or insight (profound or otherwise) to offer on any of these. All I can hope for is this particular cycle diminish just so everyone is afforded some breathing room.

So… yeah… this is just a short post to say that I’m still alive and here.

Here’s to breathing room. Cheers1

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Da Count – the oomph of doing

August 1, 2014 bits and pieces  No comments

rubedomA (well paying) gig falls through. One that was becoming a “regular” thing. The choice is is to despair or shrug it off. Perhaps something else will come along.

You sit expectantly waiting for something to happen. You continue waiting. Restlessness rises. You wait some more. The more you wait the lower your esteem descends.

Now you’ve gone from restless to impatient. You look around for something or someone to blame. You lower your expectations. Still nothing comes.

You decide to get something done. Anything to kill the the excruciating boredom. You decide take on a project that you have successfully avoided thus far. It is not something you desire but you take it on just for something to do.

You grudgingly begin said project. It’s menial busy work as far as you’re concerned.

It is a tough...

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we are better than this

July 18, 2014 bits and piecesperceptions  No comments


Although recent events might be a strong argument against the title statement of this posting. Yesterday’s events alone – a plane loaded with 298 civilians killed via a botched battle point scoring – the murderous back and forth in the Gaza region -  the ongoing border crisis with over 50 thousand children facing ugliness… can easily turn one toward a stagnant cynicism.

It is easy… too easy to slide down that slope. What do we do? Do we rant and rave via social media that ultimately leads to pointless arguing? Do we pretend that all of this is “too far away” and just “get on with it while wearing a blind eye”?

Perhaps we have played those two options for far too long.

“But crap happens all the time… and has since the beginning of time.” History has shown us that.

Tis true...

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chocolate has been taking it hard

July 8, 2014 bits and pieces  2 comments


She has taken to whining… missing Janya. Totally understandable. Poor Chocolate.

Even though she is now “queen of the yard” and has Mr. Dog for company… obviously things are different now.

Some of it (the mournful whining) takes place in day time… but mostly at night. I’ve taken to sleeping outside just to pacify her. It seems to work and at this time of the year is a more than pleasant thing to do anyway. So, I don’t mind it.

In other news:

There was a spider-mite infestation of my vege bed. Yesterday I uprooted the affected plants which constituted half my vege plants and sprayed the good ones with a solution of dish soap and garlic water. (I’ve heard this is effective.)

Hopefully, I’ll be able to harvest veges for the rest of summer. I wish I could grow a Neem tree here as that would s...

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good night, Janya

July 7, 2014 bits and pieces  2 comments


She had been winding down for the last few days. Yesterday it was evident that her time was near.

Off and on as the day wore on I sat with her gently stroking under her left ear. Each time I came out to the yard to be with her she had moved farther away from where she usually slept. Finally situating herself furthest corner of the yard. This was her chosen place.

As I sat with her one last time I stroked her under ear again and thanked her for being a good loving dog. Although now deaf (which she had been for over a year) she looked up at me. It was as if she were saying, “Thank you… but I want to do this on my own.” Her feisty independent streak still showing through.

I complied.

An hour later I returned to check on her… her body was there but she was gone...

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adventures off the grid

June 18, 2014 bits and pieces  No comments


Yes, I went off the grid for about 5 days. The only times I dented the rule to be off was briefly at the beginning and at the end. Both times to make/confirm reservations for Amtrak and hotel accommodation.

For about half a day I was antsy to get on… but that soon passed as I started to take in the real world. Yes, it was refreshing not being tethered to the cyber world.  The things I didn’t miss the most was the bitching, whining and unfettered exhibitionism on social media.

And as you can tell that part of this disconnect involved a short and very welcomed trip out of town. Yes, the irony was I went to a bustling city to be able to breath easier.

For the most part it was a pretty low impact trip with lots of walking… some of which involved my favorite activity… exploring alleys...

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sticking to the roof of your mouth

June 12, 2014 bits and pieces  No comments

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