April 14, 2014 bits and pieces  No comments


Yep, it is Spring Break around these parts.

This generally means about a third of the local population will be heading out on vacation to points beyond – anywhere other than here. Come on… its not a vacation unless you head the heck out of town.

Popular choices include Pismo (sometimes referred to as “Fresno by the sea”) , San Francisco and the LA area. Usually short ones lasting an average of 2 – 3 nights.

Yay. I’m all for vacation. Though I often wonder how many who head out on vacation actually veer off the “tourista path”. Not that this keeps me up nights but I do wonder about that.

Nothing wrong with hitting those famous landmarks if you are going to a new place. What I’m talking about are those manufactured-and-homogenized-safe-from-bruising-your-sensibilities kinda places...

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Da Count – glad I’m done

April 11, 2014 Da Count  No comments


Every so often there is that one project that grows into the bane of one’s existence. It may even be within the medium that you love working in. But something about it just feels like drudgery. And that perception perpetuates to the point where one feels like one is harnessed to and dragging a sack of shit and it’s disposal cannot come soon enough.

I just emerged from one of those. It was a do-able “no-sweat-I’ll-knock-it-out-in-no-time” kind of project. It didn’t involve leaning new skills that required a steep learning curve. The creativity (read: problem solving) involved wasn’t particularly challenging. Yet, it took what seemed like an eternity to accomplish. None of it was helped in any fashion by my own piss-poor attitude towards getting it done.

But get it done I did...

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runaway jeep

April 10, 2014 life in da Big NO  No comments


The neighbor’s jeep across the street rolled down the driveway and into the neighbor’s front yard next door.

Yep. That is how my morning began. I’m checking out news on the internet and out my door I see the jeep roll past into my neighbor’s yard. And it was moving fast.

You can see from the pic above the tire marks on the manicured lawn. The impact gave the bush on the end a trim and knocked out a sprinkler.

So, what’s the big deal right? It could have been my house… that’s what. The driveway the jeep rolled down is aimed at my front door. Thanks to crappy tire alignment… it turned to the right and on to a gentler course.

So, a big YAY for crappy wheel alignment.

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the missing plane

March 30, 2014 bits and pieces  No comments


Shock, disbelief, indignation, conspiracy theories, support, anguish, racism… this is but a fraction of what has been expressed over the last few weeks on the missing flight MH370. It continues to remain a mystery… and one that may never be resolved.

Friends have timidly inquired my reaction. I really don’t have an opinion… except that it must be excruciating for the families who have been waiting with little or no knowledge of what happened to their loved ones on the flight. My heart goes out to them.

Some random set of “pings” seem to be the only thing anyone knows in this case. I couldn’t help but think the other day that the state of affairs must be pretty desperate when the prevailing hope is that the vessel was hijacked.

So, the lack of any hard evidence has spurred most of the medi...

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back to life… and hopefully forward motion

March 10, 2014 bits and piecesrogue  No comments

The Rogue circus has left town. The last two weeks were fun but today I begin the transition toward less crowded salons and projects ahead. Though no less fun this year activity at the salon was more laid back.

Numerous conversations and discussions were exchanged and this certainly fed my creative soul. That, along with some wonderful shows I caught certainly widened my own creative sphere of possibilities. Plus, the simple act of reconnecting with friends and making new ones is always a boost to the creative spirit.

The last official Rogue Salon was held this morning. A good one it was too. What made it official was the fact that my co-host, Kurt Fitzpatrick hit the road to eventually make his way back home in the east.

Here are some pictures from this morning’s final official rogue salo...

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March 7, 2014 roguevideo  No comments

yeah… this.

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when the rogue rolls in

March 5, 2014 rogue  One comment


Kurt being a rock star super-model

It is that time of the year. The Rogue is here.

My days (at rogue time) begin with Rogue performers converging for salon. Some old friends some new. Between 8 AM and noon… and sometimes even after that… they saunter in and float out. Over coffee (which I supply) and pastries and such (that others supply) there is conversation and exchanges over topics a many. Some serious, some fun… and all (mostly) engaging.


Aileen, Rev Nuge & Adrien plotting world domination.

Kurt Fitzpatrick is co-host simply because he is housed here for the duration of the fest. He has been for the last three or four years. He “drowns the frog” along with the rest. On occasion champagne appears at the salon and he takes it in like a rock star supermodel. (see pic on top.)

The first w...

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