it’s that time of the year…

January 27, 2016 bits and pieces  No comments


… the calm before the storm as it were. The Rogue is just around the corner… and just before that… Mardi Gras.

Last year was a busy one for me as I was involved in both. In fact, this time last year, I had just gotten back from Seattle and was furiously doing rewrites and clean-up on my new play before it premiered at the fest. Added to that… I was also King of Mardi Gras and was also in the throes of organizing my krewe. All of this unfolding in a span of 4 weeks.

That is not the case this year. It’s a little more relaxed without the pressure of mounting a production of a brand new play or being in a parade.

A little more relaxed… perhaps… but never inactive...

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twas a frenzy of Manglish & food weekend

January 20, 2016 bits and pieces  No comments


The Manglish flew fast and thick all weekend. Colloquialisms I hadn’t used in ages, turns of phrases, jumbled up with substitutions from Malay, Chinese, Tamil… and a few Kristang words were firing off in a frenzy the moment I stepped into my cousin’s hotel room. There was no transitional period of adjustment… just a straight on dive into a place of origin. It’s a good thing that I’ve always had a good ear for language and can code switch at the drop of a hat or I would have been lost… a case of instant recall that felt like home.

My cousin, Annie and her family were on a grand tour of the US and I took the opportunity to meet up with them up in the city...

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my heart sang a little…

January 14, 2016 bits and pieces  No comments


… when I heard, “Ay, Baba…” yesterday during a short video call. It wasn’t just the words… it wasn’t just the voice… it wasn’t just the brief flash of who said it. It was the combination of all three… and more. And the “more” wasn’t just an attachment to fond memories from so long ago.

Those two words… ordinarily a toss away line, were wrapped in the embrace of familiarity and affection. With those two words the years and distance between melted away. I found myself instantly floating in an ocean sensation of home… one of reassurance that I did not have to prove myself… that I belong by just being me.

The words came from my father’s godson who is long married to my cousin. I will be meeting them this weekend in San Francisco… and dearly looking forward to it...

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January 12, 2016 bits and pieces  No comments

show10I am one… in more ways than you can imagine. I was born one and grew up as one in the country of my birth – a minority. Now that I live on the other side of the world that status hasn’t changed.

At the age of 4 months, after contracting polio that left a physical defect, my fate as “other” was sealed for life. The fact that I chose a life in the arts made it even more so… especially coming from a part of the world where my “impractical choice of career” often garners pitiful head-shaking smiles.

Even while growing up and visiting my “village” of the Portuguese Eurasian community in Malacca I felt an otherness simply because I never spoke the Kristang “mother tongue”. There was also growing up Catholic in a predominantly Muslim nation.

So, I am an other...

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coming into my heinz year…

January 4, 2016 bits and pieces  No comments

heinz_cotw… and it is a true wonder that I’m even around. Only saying that because of all the close shaves I’ve experienced over time… especially my somewhat sickly childhood. If there was only one thing I’ve learned it would be how delicate our existence really is.

But that is NOT the ONLY thing I’ve learned… and that learning continues. My attitude toward learning made a major shift after I left the institutional halls of study. Sure, I learned in school… but mainly because I had to. Since then, it is because I WANT to. That’s a major sea change.

And what (you may ask) have I learned?

  • That human nature is a nebulous thing.
  • There are no absolutes in life and living.
  • That change is constant.
  • That we create our own heaven & hell… on earth.
  • That you can help… but it may not take unless the “helpee” d...
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the 12:01

January 1, 2016 bits and pieces  No comments


The shifts over the last two years have been profound ones and their effects still reverberate and vibrate. This year is a swirl…  one of adventure and adjustments – of both darkness and light. The sedentary may feel like they are swimming toward a sink-hole. Embracing the the sea change will actually keep one afloat.

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over two months…

December 14, 2015 bits and pieces  One comment


… and no one probably even noticed.

Yeah, I finally got this old blog working again. If you must know, the database got jacked up on an update which just produced the dreaded “error cannot connect with database” message. I WAS meaning to fix this earlier but never got to it until today. So, yay me!

A lot has transpired over the last couple of months. Life in continual motion… as it were… and a major shift in the mix. (If you’re wondering – it is a private matter.) For now, I’m just glad the lights are back on… at least on this blog.

This is just to post SOMETHING just so I know the engine is working again. I’ll post something else in the near future.

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