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Confused? See original post below. Yeah, I sent this email out to those who commented to that post.


1. I will need your footage no later than Feb.1.
2. The easiest way to get the footage to me is to open an account at . It is kinda like youtube but they allow 500 megs upload a week and the ability to download the original file. This is the easiest (and freeiest) way I have figured out so far to transport footage.
3. Footage should be the highest resolution you can get in either mpeg2, wmv or quicktime formats.
4. I prefer footage without music backing (unless the music is original and yours) to avoid copyright infringement. I have several musicians at my disposal to create soundtrack.
5. Edited footage may be re-edited to fit within the scheme of the movie. Please note that not all footage will be used.
6. Your name will appear in the credits and you will receive a copy of the finished DVD.
7. I will require you sign a “release” for your participation just on the slim chance that this becomes a cult hit and has a life beyond the festival. If this should happen I will set up make sure that you share points in any profits.
8. If you don’t have a video camera but want to still do this… beg, borrow or steal one.

* The faux director’s name is Apithany Jones.
* Part of the “in joke” is that the director (in the interview sections) will be played by different people. This is due to the several ridiculous changes he/she made… including, plastic, sex and ethnic surgeries.
* People who worked with Apithany either thought he was a genius or full of crap. You can have fun with your interview section with bizarre stories or incidents.
* It’s important that you have fun creating what you want to create.

NEW * Yes the running joke is that Apithany always had the longest titles that could never fit within 2 lines. So,
There may be more coming soon. Email me if you are in.

If you want to edit stuff for the short film section… here is a link to some free editing software.


EDIT: And if you are in the Big No… mark your calendars for…



  1. Hahahahaha The Valentine Season Love Sucks show…. I love it! I will definitely put it on my calendar! 🙂

    I hope you can come out Friday night! Yay!

  2. Still thinking… pondering… : )

  3. fabulous idea for the film.

    fitting title for the Suicide Lounge show.

  4. Hey baby just stopping by to say, come see me! you’ll like this week’s HNT! {{muah}}

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