rogue terms (for HNT too)

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HNT Update: OK… I posted this today… but decided to include it in HNT. Why? There is a half-nekkid person on the post… plus, HNT was part of the Rogue Fest in 2006 as a Gallery entry… so why the heck not?! Cheers and Happy HNT! BTW… the piece of art is by Mr. Reza Assemi.


The muse for the 2011 fest was unveiled a few days ago. Here it is. Are you making your plans to attend yet?

This is the first year I actually have NO “direct inside knowledge” of anything that is going on – who is performing or any sundry information apart from what the public knows. I like that… it provides me the opportunity to be as surprised (delighted or otherwise) as things unfold.

If this is your FIRST experience at the Rogue… here is a glossary of terms you might run across during your Rogue adventures. They may or may not be helpful… but at least you can smirk at the fact that you are “in the know”.


  • THE BLAH BLAH – The short introductory announcement (usually) at the start of every show performed by the venue manager or articulate volunteer. Content of this usually includes turning off your mobile devices, pleas to donate to the “begging bucket” (see below) and other sundry announcements.
  • THE BEGGING BUCKET – a receptacle for your generous donations that make up “start-up” monies for the fest next year. Give and give generously.
  • ROGING or DOING DA ROGUE – a plan to catch multiple Rogue shows in a day. e.g. “I’m roging this Saturday… what boring plans do you have?”
  • ROGUE VIRGINa. someone who has never attended the Rogue. b. Someone who has never been or heard of the Rogue even though they live in da Big NO.
  • ROGUE HOP – The first night of the Rogue that showcases the visual arts which later leads to…
  • THE ROGUE KICK-OFF – where you can party with the performers and catch short previews of what’s playing during the fest. This event usually takes place at Full Circle Brewery.
  • A ROGUE HUB – a cluster of 2 or more venues close to each other that are presenting Rogue shows during the fest. For instance, this year there is a Rogue Hub in Van Ness Village with venues such as City Arts Gallery, Brokenleg Stage and Audie’s Olympic.
  • ROGUE WORTHY – a show that is uniquely original, creatively different and totally portable.
  • CRAP SHOOTING DA ROGUE – Hopping from show to show at the fest without a plan but with the hope of being pleasantly surprised.
  • IF IT HAPPENS AT THE ROGUE, IT IS NOT GAY – a. an “anything can happen … and often does” expression originating from Canadian Rogue performer, Nile Seguin. b. an encouragement to be yourself, have a good time and try something different.
  • A ROGUE AND RUN – a Rogue show with a limited run during the course of the festival – usually a “first weekend or last weekend ONLY” show.
  • THE ROGUE MAP – The official festival program listing all the acts, venues, dates and times.  Make sure you get one and hold on to it as they go fast and do run out.
  • ROGUE BUZZ – Is word of a hot Rogue show. Rogue Buzz is most often heard (eavesdropped) when audiences are waiting in line to go into a show, or at…
  • ROGUE CENTRAL – where most performers and audience stop by for a drink or something to eat between shows. For the last couple of years Rogue Central has been housed at the Starline Grill.
  • LOCK & ROGUE – The final rehearsal and/or frantic running around to get a show/venue ready for the fest.
  • ROGUE READY PASS – a (limited) multiple pass to Rogue shows that can be purchased for your convenience.
  • GETTING YOUR (MY) ROGUE ON – sometimes (mistakenly) interchangeable with doing da rogue or roging… but really means getting some “action” during the course of the festival and if “safe roging” is not practiced can lead to…
  • ROGUE BABIES – are either conceived (a rogue conception) or born during the Rogue. And yes… there have been a few. This activity can happen anytime during the fest but most often occurs after…
  • ONE BIG ROGUE PARTY – which closes the fest.
  • ROGOLOGY 101 – buying me drinks and chatting… during the fest or whenever.

EDIT: I was reminded of a couple more… and there may even more… so check back.

  • ROGUE DIVA – a performer appearing in at least 2 different shows during the fest.
  • ROGUE HO – a performer appearing in more than 2 shows during the fest.
  • ROGUE HAS-BEEN – folk (like me) who used to be directly involved with the Rogue.

Hope that helps make your Rogue experience an adventurous one.


  1. Very nice! I like the combo posts.
    LGS xx

  2. Do you also want to add:
    Rogue Hardcore and Rogue Softcore explanations?
    And Jayne could explain what her Rogue Bitch is.

    I can’t say I remember the “If it happens at the Rogue, it is not Gay” saying from Niles being used, but I’d say it might make it sound like Rogue thinks of the term Gay as a derogitory term. Not good. I had heard instead, “What happens at the Rogue, stays at the Rogue”.
    OR something similar to this for the anything can happen explanation.

  3. I’m with Aileen on the “If it happens” entry.

  4. Try something different . Lighten up.

  5. I thought Rogue Ho is one who can’t get enough of the shows. I kept calling myself that as I had seen an obscene amount last year.

  6. Thanks for the post! I wish I could attend.


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