been a week since…

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… my last post. At least, it’s been only a week. Last week’s post (look at the post below) came 4 or 5 weeks after the previous one. Don’t you feel lucky now? LOL!

Speaking of my last post… finishing off the last of my trilogy really put a spring in my step. Was it sold for vast amounts of money? Did it reach critical mass going viral in the internet? It’s a resounding NO on both those counts. The spring in my step came from merely completing something creative. Plus, the process was quick… 2 weeks between writing to final edit.

It’s been a long while since that happened. There is something about the act of creation that makes me feel alive. I don’t pretend to understand why… but it does.

Now, if doing something makes one feel alive why does one not engage in it more often? In my case… why have I not engaged in it (this activity) for as long as I… haven’t? The standard (stereotypical and cliched) answer would be, “I wasn’t feeling it.” Sad but true. Even though I am not one who is prone to the requirement of “being inspired” before embarking on a project… I can only speculate that events in my life may have had a bearing on my lack of creative output.

Aye, I have been undergoing personal changes… some emotional, some in circumstances and some on the physical plain. No, it’s not as dramatic as it sounds. Changes have occurred for sure… but it is all a natural process… at least I’d like to think it is. I also happen to believe that there are periods in one’s life when creative output is paramount and other periods when absorbing is key. The latter is where I’ve been.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that some corners take longer to traverse than others. I now have a glimpse of the other side. Let’s see where it all leads. For now I’m here… and glad for it.

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  1. well, you seem to know when to absorb and when to get to producing something so it’s all good. as for changes. lots of them in my life too and i am trying to find that same balance and learn to embrace it all.

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