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morningSome of you are aware that I do a morning walk daily. The usual routine is setting up a pot of coffee to brew, bathroom duties then after a cup of java heading out for my walk.

This morning was different. I left out drinking a cup of coffee before I headed out. So, when I did venture out I was still hovering in that twilight between dream and waking states. It was probably the most enjoyable, dreamlike morning walk I’ve taken in years.

There was a floaty bounce to my step and the colors of the morning seemed more vibrant than ever before. Though my state of mind was somewhat floaty thoughts that emerged were vivid, warm and in the realm of being magical. Any and everything seemed possible.

I think I will continue this trend. It’s a good way to start the day.

BTW… I did have coffee when I returned.


  1. it’s great when a mistake works out so nicely.

  2. As long as your eyes are open…

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