reframe (not quite a reboot)

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mereframedI was going to do it yesterday. Start on a new creative piece, that is. But, I didn’t. Not because the four I had to choose from were not developed enough. (Yep, I actually have 4 ready to go.) It was just my frame of mind was not quite in the right one.

This post is not all as “angsty” as it may appear to be. Still, one does have to be in the right frame to accomplish the task. And we all know there are different frames for different tasks. Don’t we? Hats are not enough… it’s all about the frame and being in it totally.

In the past I would flit from frame to frame at lightning speed and ease. Some would call that multi-tasking, I suppose. I used to simply put it down as “doing it” … in a slightly arrogant tone.

I can’t help but smile at that arragonce now. Especially now. With shifts in time, situations, priorities and just life having occured from my more prolific days, “flitting” has since been replaced with “easing into”.  And I will ease into… eventually. Maybe today.

It’s not a bad thing… it just is.

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  1. I know exactly what you’re talking about. And I love the picture!

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