the lazy day

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I unwittingly had one yesterday. Unwittingly simply because my sleep the night before was interrupted throwing off my cycle and causing me to wake much later than I usually do. And when I did… as is normal with me when I wake past my usual time… I arose feeling lethargic. Not exactly conducive for a “go-get-em” attitude to accomplish tasks I had set up for the day.


So, instead of fighting it I decided that I would give myself a lazy day. Sure, there were tasks to get done… but nothing that absolutely HAD to be completed yesterday.

The day did perk up in the late morning with the visit from two lovely friends for coffee at salon. This morphed into lunch. After which a nap was in order and duly taken.

Upon waking from the nap it became quite evident this lazy day was much needed. I woke feeling more refreshed and sprity than I have been feeling in over a week.

This is significant because for the past couple of weeks… even though I’ve been accomplishing tasks (and even in the midst of doing so) a “cloud of uselessness” seemed to be hanging heavy over my head. I ploughed through despite it – hoping that each accomplished task would somehow lift it… but alas, it continued to hang… until post-nap yesterday.

When I woke this morning and thought back on the last 2 weeks. I came to the conclusion that circumstances colluded to make yesterday (the lazy day) happen. My body somehow engineered – starting with a mild case of insomnia and cascading into a series of non-events described above, a break in mental and physical activity thus providing the required conditions for a full recharge.

How full of a recharge it was can and will only be determined by the tasks I accomplish and the attitude I bring to accomplishing them from this point forward.

Hey, I wrote this blog post, didn’t I? And it has been at least a week and a half since my last one.

I think this bodes well.


  1. intended or not it sounds like you got what you needed so that’s good. i took a lazy day yesterday on purpose. though i think i may need to redefine lazy since it involved scrubbing the kitchen, doing several loads of laundry, and cooking.

  2. Lime, that would be catagorized as “lazy but accomplished”.

  3. You needed one…and deserve one.

    I guess I need one too! 🙂

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