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attackI actually have a folder on one of my external hard-drives called “TO BE VIEWED”. It holds movie, TV and documentary files that are yet to be… well, viewed. It’s usually stuff I got that was of interest and suffers from the “I’ll get to it a sometime” or the “I’m not in the mood for that right now” syndrome.

We all have those and use them often… not just with video but all manner things. Be it home improvement projects, all the way to emails that deserve replies. (Yeah, remember writing paper, pens, envelops, stamps and how laborious that was? )

For instance, while rummaging through the garage a few weeks ago I came across a garden irrigation kit… still in it’s packaging… unopened and still pristine. Yeah, I bought it almost 6 years ago with all the best intentions of setting it up… at the time… to make my life more convenient.

Then, we get distracted (oh, look… something shiny) and we conveniently put it off for a “better time”… to ultimately create a future inconvenience. So, we don’t get to it… and then, somewhere down the line, when everything and a half absolutely needs to get done yesterday, we incredulously wonder “How did this cluster-fuck happen?!”.

The simple honest answer is… “Well, you did it to yourself, Bozo.”

The instant knee-jerk response indignantly shot back is usually the standard fall-back of, “No, I didn’t! It’s the fault of (insert blame of choice here).

This quickly triggers the whiny mourns of, “There are just not enough hours in the day…” and when the pressure mounts it degenerates to “Why is this happening to me?!”

On some level we all do it. No one is immune.

Plus, we do live in the age of the instant distraction, don’t we? (Yep, that’s the latest go-to target of blame.)

The saddest circumstance though is the, “I should have spent more time with him/her…” that hits when someone in your life is no longer there. Be it a friend or member of your family who has either moved to another city/country or passed on. We then pull out the “should have, could have” game and play it with unparallelled gusto.

I suppose what I’m really trying to say is… this life is not for forever. Getting it done and making it happen and making time with that person is actually easier done than said. (Liked how I turned that around?) It will actually and radically un-clutter our lives. We all know it but we choose not to.

And there’s the rub… but that too can change… hopefully.

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