food torture

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Last night on Facebook a friend posted THIS ARTICLE… which I proceeded to share. Of course, I read it before I shared (too many don’t do that)… salivating like Pavlov’s canine and sobbing softly the entire time I was reading it. (Mercifully they didn’t post pictures for every dish listed.)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… if you come from Malaysia you have severe food addiction… whether you choose to admit it or not… you do. It’s almost a birth right.

Consequently, several other expat Malaysian friends re-shared the article with as much pathetic longing as I did.

As I went down the list… salivating (did I already mention that?) I was actually recalling places and vignettes associated with each of the dishes. Yes, there was instant recall of smell and taste but also of people and ambiance.  This made the experience slightly less torturous. Just a bit.

I am declining to rhapsodize further as I’m afraid it will set me off on another tizzy and I’ll spend the rest of my day curled and rocking in a fetal position moaning softly to myself. Such is the level of this addiction.

The saving grace is I actually do cook several of these dishes (like the one pictured above) so, that helps keep the agony of the DT’s at bay.

Then, I read the comment section below the article. Lordy! There are all manner of arguments sparked by the article… an article celebrating food at that!

Some were miffed that certain dishes were left out. Totally understandable. It is a culture that blossoms with a vast culinary variety that to list and describe all the tasty delights would require a tome at the very least. I look at the article more as a primer. Obviously, some didn’t

Though, many of the heated comments were about the origins of certain dishes that bordered on almost a “racial purity” bent. Then, there was also an argument about race politics!

Really, people? (Or as my Mum would sometimes exclaim, “Goodness Gracious Me!”)

This is food. A taste explosion at that.  A sensual experience to be shared in fellowship. At least, that is the culture I grew up with… from whence the standard greeting is, “Have you eaten yet?”.

Does everything have to be politicized?

Now, just shut up and eat!




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