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My Dad was really good at it. He could meet someone new and within minutes figure them out. There were times when meeting someone wasn’t even a requirement. He would just sit and observe and that would tell him everything he needed to know.

Some friends and family say it’s one of the qualities I’ve inherited from him. I guess I have… to some extent. Although I’ll admit to having some pretty astute powers of observation I doubt I’ll ever be as spot on as he was. (In our minds I don’t think we’ll ever top our parents.)

I think part of that talent in me is probably stirred in with a healthy dose of my Mum’s propensity to see the hidden potential in an individual that perhaps even they were unaware of. She was the ambitious one.

These are not bad qualities to have especially in my chosen vocation and field of work. It not only comes in handy when developing characters in a play or screenplay… but also in who I would cast in various parts. I’ve been known to cast someone in a part who has little or no experience… simply because I feel they have a quality in their own character to pull it off. For the most part this has worked out pretty well. (And I hope also adds to the local talent pool.)

It further extends to who I choose to work and socialize with. But you’ve heard that all before.

I could easily be accused of being judgmental because of this. I’m not… really.

I don’t think being aware of the essence of someone’s character is being judgmental. Being aware of how they would react to certain circumstances actually aids in knowing how to work with them effectively. That’s key in whatever you are doing. At least I think so.

I’ve also been accused of being a mind reader. I’m not. I’m just observant… perhaps more so than the average Joe. But a mind reader, I’m not. Look, it’s a given that we all reveal who we are by how we behave. That’s not a bad thing.

I think some of us are just more astute at being aware of that than others. And that’s not a bad thing either.


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  1. i have a friend who says there are only two virtues, awareness and gladness. it would seem you excel at both. 😉

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