euphemism mania

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It’s getting to where you almost can’t say anything these days without someone either taking offense or tittering over what was said.

For instance, here was a status update I posted on FB yesterday:


Now granted, I used “crank it out” as a euphemism for “getting work done. The point being a couple of friends jumped on it to suggest otherwise.

Mind you, I do enjoy the clever turn of phrase. But it seems to be getting to a point where every phrase seems to be connected to something else. Some folk will roll them out one after another to where one has to wonder if we are all speaking the same language.

“I recognize all the words… but they seem to mean something entirely different.”

It makes me empathize deeply with those who are learning English as a second language.

Plus, euphemisms are spawned culturally. So, to one group it means something naughty and to others it may be totally innocent. This makes any euphemism exclusive to a particular group. Let’s face it… most of them connote something naughty or rude.

Is it any wonder that we live in a world of misunderstanding and conflict?

Is there one you especially like or use often? If so… list it in the comment area… and add it’s meaning as well. Just fo¬† start the ball rolling try to guess the connotations of the ones below that I’ve come across.




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