the cooling saucer

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Coffee or tea served with a cup and saucer. The heat level of the beverage prohibits sipping from the cup. So, a little is poured into the saucer to cool. The added surface space does the trick allowing the person to sip from the saucer without boiling their tongue or scalding the roof of their mouth. Then the whole ritual is repeated.

It struck me today that this is not something we see much any more. I guess, mostly because those beverages are now served in mugs instead of cups and saucers this practice is not as prevalent as it used to be. I used to see it all the time especially in coffee-shops where I grew up in Malaysia. Folk sitting around a marble top table discussing the topic of the day sipping off saucers.

That tableaux seems to come from several lifetimes ago. Heck, there were even differences between tea sets and coffee sets and it was a major faux pas to serve tea in a coffee cup to your guest.

It made me think today about these little cultural shifts I’ve lived through in the short time I’ve inhabited this mortal coil. “Culture” in this case being the common practices and manner we commonly engage in our daily lives. If one were to list and compare how things used to be done to how they are done now the shift in culture would seem even more dramatic.

I would think these days if you mentioned “cooling saucer” most folk would blink at you blankly. Of course, I was thinking about all of this while sipping coffee out of beer stein.

Feel free to list some of those shifts in culture you have noticed in the comment section… mainly the mundane everyday things.


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