getting it together… or trying to

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rice-cooker1This is especially so around the homestead. Bit by bit… at least.

The front yard is done for now. Oh yes, there will be more. Today my target is the kitchen.

I love counter space but the curse of it is that pile-ups occur. So, that will be the first course of business. Then the dishes. Then the floor.

I enjoy a kitchen that I can cook in. Right now, the way it is… cooking is not an inspiration. But it will be once I am done. Oh yes indeedy it will!

I had some other plans for the day… but decided to shift priorities when I woke this morning. Part of that decision was motivated by the fact that I got a new rice-cooker the other day and I want it nested nicely in the kitchen.

And the reward for my efforts will be a home cooked meal… yay!

See ya on the other side. Now it is written… it will be done.

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