music in the mornings

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It’s been my routine. I wake. (Usually between 4-5 AM) Get some admin work squared away on the main computer… or edit video. Then, I set the coffee to brew. Gather the laptop. Sit under the gazebo. Chose the soundtrack of the day. Drink coffee while I write.

The choice of music is random. Jazz, funk, bossa nova… anything that strikes my fancy at the moment.

If what I’m writing falls into a more creative realm, I may have specific choices to urge the process along. One medium fueling another. Nothing wrong (or new) with that. Often times it helps to infuse more layers into the work at hand.

Sometimes the music functions as white noise. I happen to like white noise when I’m in the zone of creativity. It serves to block out the noise of distraction.

Most times I use it as a mood enhancer… or manipulator. A sound pastiche designed to evoke is a mighty powerful thing… be it emotion or thought.

Like anyone… I go through phases. There are those that cuts out the conscious playing of music during my morning activity. Mostly not though.

Sometimes I turn it off to listen to the birdsong that welcomes the day. That is music too. Not of human design but no less powerful.

This morning it was both.


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