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… after a vacation can be trying. Even if it was a sliver of a vacation like the one I just had. It’s a matter of getting back on a roll. I’ve learned over the years the trick is to ease back into it. That way the reality of not still being on vacation factors less into the equation and the resentment doesn’t kick in. So yeah… that’s what I’ve been doing over the last couple of days.

Yes, the picture above are of the old shoes I exchanged for a new pair just before I left for vacation. They are by no means the only things that are being replaced in my life at the moment. Though I guess they symbolize the “cusp” I’ve been riding of late.

The five days away did give me the opportunity to think on it and help me shift gears to allow this change to occur. It’s funny how we can stubbornly hold on to a certain lifestyle… even if it is not an optimum existence. I really can’t complain about the last five years. Even though they were challenging on many fronts I still had a roof over my head and food to eat.

Now it is time to face the fact that moving forward is something that is attainable and putting in the effort to make it so. So, that’s my Tuesday for you. Hope you had a good one.

Plus I’m back to blogging again. So… there.

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