back from a spasm…

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… of not blogging. Miss me? No, don’t answer that. Why should I nudge you to lie, eh?

It’s been a bit of a busy time. Not wall to wall busy… but stuff has been getting done… especially around the homestead. For instance, last week a second zone of sprinklers and lines were installed. All accomplished in a mere 2 days. The first zone we tackled took 5. Impressed yet? Yeah, I didn’t think so either. Still it got done and that’s one more off ye olde check list. I after-glowed in the accomplishment for at least 2 days.

Then, last week… a purchase I made about 3 months ago stopped working. Yeah, I’m tending to that.

Apart from that there has been growth… both internal and external as to my current ambitions. Things are not going as fast as I want them to. Still, there is forward motion and that counts. I’ll fill you in as those projects blossom.

The holiday season is upon us… and I’m staying off the roads as much as I can. Drivers in this town are already jerky as it is but this season tends to bring out the worst in them. This season of sharing seems to include a hefty share of ulcers, cusses and accidents. Ho, ho, ho… indeed.

I’ll leave it here for now. Maybe… just maybe I will blog again tomorrow. We’ll see.

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