Da Count – the ebb & flow

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That’s a condition of life, isn’t it? It is in mine. Work, love, creativity, taste… pretty much anything we engage in is subject to it… ever shifting.

We can find ourselves slammed with work over a period of time. Then… nothing. Opportunities lie in both periods… if we choose to find them.

It has been true in my own life… especially in the vocation I chose.

I used to think it was a bad thing… especially when I found myself within an ebb period. I have since changed my mind. It provides respite to regroup or an opportunity to discover and savor. A stop to smell the roses or the coffee brewing.

A period of flow is great too. When things come easy at a furious pace with each breath accompanied a new assault on the senses. Often times there isn’t time to process… the only option being to act or react. It can be both exhilarating and daunting.

They both serve a purpose… which is why this is my count today.


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