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From about 5 AM Facebook lit up with status updates from Californians announcing this event. One would think it was the rapture or some other earth shattering event. But it was just rain.

Even though it is still a mere trickle (as of this writing)… it’s been a long time coming. This has been the driest and warmest Winter I’ve ever experienced here. The lack of precipitation has even prompted the Governor to officially declare the state a drought zone.

The rain has brought smiles of delight. Especially happy are farmers and those in the central valley who have suffered from bad air. I count myself as one of those. Respiration is no fun when you can taste the air… and not in a good way.

It’s supposed to come down (off and on) for the next couple of days but that’s not nearly enough by far for what we need. There is hardly any snow-pack and the water table is at an all time low.

Still… we have rain. May it keep coming. Let’s hope this starts the trend for the month of February to be especially soggy.

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