back to life… and hopefully forward motion

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The Rogue circus has left town. The last two weeks were fun but today I begin the transition toward less crowded salons and projects ahead. Though no less fun this year activity at the salon was more laid back.

Numerous conversations and discussions were exchanged and this certainly fed my creative soul. That, along with some wonderful shows I caught certainly widened my own creative sphere of possibilities. Plus, the simple act of reconnecting with friends and making new ones is always a boost to the creative spirit.

The last official Rogue Salon was held this morning. A good one it was too. What made it official was the fact that my co-host, Kurt Fitzpatrick hit the road to eventually make his way back home in the east.

Here are some pictures from this morning’s final official rogue salon… yes, there was food involved. BTW… if you are on Facebook there are more pics from the salon here.


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