when the rogue rolls in

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Kurt being a rock star super-model

It is that time of the year. The Rogue is here.

My days (at rogue time) begin with Rogue performers converging for salon. Some old friends some new. Between 8 AM and noon… and sometimes even after that… they saunter in and float out. Over coffee (which I supply) and pastries and such (that others supply) there is conversation and exchanges over topics a many. Some serious, some fun… and all (mostly) engaging.


Aileen, Rev Nuge & Adrien plotting world domination.

Kurt Fitzpatrick is co-host simply because he is housed here for the duration of the fest. He has been for the last three or four years. He “drowns the frog” along with the rest. On occasion champagne appears at the salon and he takes it in like a rock star supermodel. (see pic on top.)

The first weekend of the fest started slower than most years partially due to weather. It rained the first two days and folk around these parts tend to stay in when that happens.

I had mixed feelings because we do need the rain (badly) but also felt for the performers especially on opening night because they needed the audience. Though to be fair… folk in this town are also notorious for being “last-minute Mickeys.”


Josh gathering evidence.

I did catch a slew of shows… 11 over the first three days. Two of which I shot. The next 5 days I’ll be averaging two shoots a day until the fest ends on Saturday. A busy time shooting shows and trying to catch others in between shoots.

I relish being bombarded with creative fare from near and far. Some cooked some still a little raw. Performance from various disciplines all hoping to reach that sweet spot with the audience. Sometimes the barrage can be overwhelming but I also recognize that it feeds the creative part of my soul.

Still, the saving grace of this time for me is salon where camaraderie and laughs swirl in with creative talk and possible collaborations in the future are bandied about. Where once this meant the culmination of sleepless months managing and designing what the festival would be… now it is coffee and creative company for me.

If you get the chance… catch some shows… and don’t be a last minute mickey.



Xan, Aileen and Kurt toasted and toasting.

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  1. That’s certainly the way to begin your day in style. Happy to hear that you guys have a good Rogue time.

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